Best Baits - Snapper

New Zealand has a vast array of Species of fish which for the keen angler provides a good fight and are also excellent eating fish.

There are certain baits which work on targeting these different species, for this part 1 we will look at Snapper and best baits to target this species.

Before we go on there can be a number of debates that with the advancements in lures, soft baits and Jigs that the traditional bait now becomes redundant. I would disagree with this as there certainly are times that I have been on the water and everyone around me using non-traditional bait have been coming up empty and the cut bait seemed to hold its own. In saying that I still believe that Lures, Soft Baits and Jigs certainly have their place in fishing and also for the angler it is great to have such a range of techniques to choose from.

In these series of articles I will discuss all types of baits for certain species.

Snapper are a widely targeted recreational fish as they put up a good fight and certainly is very good on the menu also.

Snapper are not too fussy with what they eat and usually a range of bait can work. I usually ensure I have Pilchards, Squid (Lugio is my preference) but fresh bait is usually best such as Mackerel and Kahawai.

Mackerel is also good to use as a live bait and if you are targeting that XL 30lbs snapper then this is the way to go . When using cut bait then the size you cut the bait often matters as sometimes these Snapper can get a little moody and will only take 1 bite at your line and if it is too big they will simply spit it out and move along. So on some occasions you have to forget about the “big bait, big fish” theory and go smaller. How will you know this? Well if on a charter ask the skipper as they are out there each day or if on your own boat then try out both large cuts and small cuts and see what does the trick.

How you present your bait to the fish also matters so don’t just throw it on your hook without any care. Best rigs for Snapper are Flasher Rigs/Dropper Rigs, Stray lining and live bait.

Keeping some softbait in your arsenal is also a good idea, I have found that these really come in handy when you come across a “Work Up”. This allows you to quickly recycle your bait and get it back in to the water.

Jigs also work and if you have already caught a few and have enough for the dinner plate then give Jigging a go. Using different techniques is exciting and fun which will add more enjoyment to your fishing adventures.