Beginner's Guide To Boat Ownership And Maintenance

Sailing on a boat or being out fishing on a boat is one childhood memory a person reminisces about all his life. From the mesmerizing kindergarten rhyme "Row Row Row your boat" to the voyage -based romantic movies where the couple rides into the sunset, there is a certain old school charm to sailing. If you aspire to relive your memories or wish to make new ones, invest in a classic sail boat.

Buying a boat is easy, but owning a boat - now that's a completely different story. Buy a boat that reflects your personality and meets your requirements. Make it your own by enjoying the waters regularly and maintaining it as if it were priceless.

Boat Maintenance

  • A routine maintenance is a must if you want to keep your dream boat forever. A few simple steps would do the trick:

  • Wash - Salt is the enemy of the boat. Make sure your boat is cleaned thoroughly in case it has been in contact with salt water. This will prevent corrosion of the boat base.

  • Oil and wax - It is mandatory to keep your boat looking shiny and in prime condition. Checking the oil level and waxing the boat body would keep the boat supple while sailing.

  • Shield from Sun - Like the saying goes, "A boat in harbor is safe, but in time its bottom will rot out" … Sun can have a damaging effect on the sun, if exposed on a long term basis. The signs of wear and tear would not be evident at the start, but in due course of time effects like cracks, color fading, rust, rot and heat exposure appear on the boat surface and deck. This results in the deterioration of the sailboat .Hence it is best to cover your boat effectively when on shore and coat the vehicle with a heat and rust repellent to protect the boat body from UV radiation while sailing.

  • Propeller and Engine Check - Propeller is the spine of the boat. While the boat is in water, dense weed, sea life, fishing nets get entangled in the propeller, thus leading into partial or complete malfunction of the propeller. Before your next sail trip, make sure to check the propeller and clean it free of any foreign objects. A boat not always takes to water like a fish, especially not when its engine has gone bad. Do check your engine and perform a regulatory flushing so that there are no salt or debris remains before sail.

  • Battery - A nearly empty battery can stall you mid-way in water during a sail. To prevent drainage, get your battery re-filled at a maintenance centre. Also keep the battery dry under all conditions.

  • Have a boat maintenance expert check your sailboat for Repairs or replacement of damaged body parts on a regular basis. Buy high quality and vetoed boat parts and avoid fitting any cheap substitutions just to save a buck.

Follow these simple measures and remain a captain of a gleaming boat for years to come.