Fishing Vacations, Mexico, Canada, Alaska

You have watched people take Fishing vacations on the National Geographic and the Discovery Travel and Living. You have even hoped to take one yourself. Think, fishing vacations, Mexico, Canada, Alaska because this is available for the best reward a fisherman can give their self.

These vacations come at a reasonable rate and to the most amazing destinations in the world. The best fishing vacation destinations are in Canada, Mexico and Alaska. Alaska is famous for its Salmon, Halibut, Cod, Steelhead and Trout; Mexico for the Bass and Canada for its Northern Pike and Walleye.

Catch a ten-pounder bass in Mexico and enjoy the scenic beauty of sunrise and sunsets. Forgetting city life for a few days is not hard to do when great food, cozy lodges and first class service accompany a vacation trip filled with great scenery. Knowing that you have competent guides looking after you, of course, makes it easier to relax too. A glass of tasteful Margarita is just one way to end a good, bass-filled day in Mexico.

Fifty miles to the North of Mazatlan, you will find lodges along the Lake El Salto shores. The lake is famous for its Trophy Bass. If you want your lodge view to be overlooking the lake, try Lake Baccarac. Other equally good destinations for bass fishing are Lake Huites, Lake Guerrero, Lake Mateos and Lake Agua Milpa.

If you would like more variety in your fishing expedition, Alaska has Cod and Halibut in their saltwater; and in their freshwater, Trout, and one of the grizzly bear favorites, Salmon. One can also catch Rainbow Trout, Dolly Varden Trout, Lingcod and Rockfish in the waters of Kodiac Island, the River Kenai, Yes Bay and Bristol Bay.

The wild life is unsurpassed with its eagles soar above you in a regal splendor, the Kodiak bear roaming freely. A variety of thrilling fishing experiences like fly-fish hunting to hunt the Cutthroats, spin casting to nail the chums and Coho are waiting for you. Welcome to the virtually untouched lakes and forests of Canada at the Lake Hatchet, the Wollaston Lake, the Kasba Lake at the 60-degrees latitude in the Northwest Territory, the Silsby Lake located 450 miles north of Winnipeg in Manitoba.

Here you can catch the huge Lake Trout, the gigantic Northern Pike, fish the Walleye and the Arctic Grayling. There are other experiences in store for you with fly-outs on light planes and houseboats to live on water. These places are utterly uncorrupted by human invasion; wild and beautiful and as though nature defies being tamed by anything.

The Wildlife still roams freely and the eagles survey their domain silently high in the sky. The sky is a clear blue and the sunsets and sunrises defy description in words. It is so far away from the hustle and bustle of the cities that our lives seem far away; and all the life's struggles worthless. Keep in mind all theses descriptions and think; fishing vacations, Mexico, Canada, Alaska the next chance you get to reward yourself.