Fishing Reels - The Different Kinds

There are many different varieties of saltwater fishing reels that are out there. Depending on what kind of fish you will be trying to catch will determine what kind of fishing reel you will need. I am going to help you decide what kind of fishing reel will be best for you.

The first kind of reel that I want to talk about is the spin casting reel, which is a great reel for beginner fishermen to learn on. Spin casting reels are the cheapest of all the types of fishing reels in most cases, and they are especially great for the kids.

Spin casting reels have a closed face, meaning that you cannot see the line on the spool. There are many cons about spin casting reels, one of them is if line gets tangled up you will have to pop the face off to untangle it. There are high quality spin casting fishing reels out there that will last you a long time, but they are also more expensive.

Saltwater spinning reels are made in a design which can hold many types of fishing line. There are small spinning reels and there are large ones, the spool is open and you can see the line come on and off the reel. The line is held onto the reel by a bail, which can close and open and makes it easy for casting.

You can get spinning reels for very cheap and there are also ones that are out there for a couple hundred bucks or more. You can find a high quality one that will last you a long time for around 60 bucks. Spinning reels also come with drag systems that are in most cases way better than spin casting fishing reels.

Bait casting reels are for the more experienced fisherman, since they are more difficult to learn how to fish on. They sit on the fishing rod, and the fishing line comes off a spool that revolves. Once you learn how to fish with a bait casting reel they are great as you have more control when you are casting.

If you are going after big game fish then a bait casting line will work great for you, since they are designed to hold heavier fishing line than other. You won't find many bait casting reels for cheap, but if you are a serious angler they are well worth the investment as they offer you more smoother control than other types of fishing reels.

When it comes to fly fishing reels, you need to know that they are only for retrieving and holding fishing line, they have nothing to do with casting. You just pull the fishing line off of the reel and then you are casting with the fishing rod using the weight of the fly and the line.

The cost of fly fishing rods can range from a couple of dollars to over a thousand. When saltwater fishing you will need to be careful on what type of fly fishing reel you use. If you are going after big saltwater game fish you will need a reel that can hold a lot of heavy line, and one that also has a great drag system.